Diversity Inclusion Timeline

Rieke Leadership Award

President Rieke establishes the Rieke Leadership Award, a scholarship for students invested in diversity and inclusion working


Women’s Center established

Women’s Center of Pacific Lutheran University established in East Campus.

Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies Minor passed by faculty.  


PLU 2000

“Activating the Commitment to Diversity” identified as one of five university axioms through the PLU 2000 long-range planning process.


Diversity in the Core curricular

Diversity in the Core curricular requirements approved by the Faculty.


Creation of UDC

Creation of University Diversity Committee approved by the Faculty. This standing committee, responsible for oversight of the diversity effort, is supplemented by the Diversity Committee for Cultural and Educational Programming.

Dialogue to evaluate change

Dialogue among faculty and administrators involved with diversity to evaluate effectiveness of existing committee structure and to propose changes.

Adoption of new policy

Adoption of new university Grievance Policy & Procedures and a revised Grievance Committee structure to support and promote effective conflict resolution on campus.


New policies

New university policies on Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, ADA and Sexual Misconduct approved by the Board of Regents.

Leadership workshop

University Diversity Committee members participate in three-day workshop on “Developing Leadership for Campus Diversity” at the Institute for Intercultural Relations. (Celine Dorner, Cristina Fridenstine, Susan Mann, Lisa Marcus, Laura Polcyn).

Diversity Retreat

PLU Diversity Retreat held, sponsored and facilitated by the University Diversity Committee. Included almost 40 faculty, administrators and student leaders.


University-wide training

Almost 400 faculty, administrators, staff and student leaders participate in workshops reviewing the university’s Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, ADA and Sexual Misconduct policies, as well as conflict management techniques and the grievance process. This mandatory training is held every year.

PLU workforce

In October, diversity of PLU workforce is measured at its highest level in at least a decade. Women comprise 40.6% of the faculty and 56.3% of overall employee group. People of color make up 8.8% of the faculty and 12.0% of the overall employee group.


The first training of the Sexual Assault Prevention Education Team (SAPET) takes place at the Women’s Center.


New hiring workshop

Faculty hiring procedures are revised. New hiring workshop offered to deans, academic chairs and search committee members, with emphasis on expanded diversity recruiting strategies.


Extending benefits

Adoption of policy extending benefits to eligible domestic partners, same sex and opposite sex, on the same basis as spouses.

The Diversity Center opens

The Diversity Center opens on lower level of University Center, the first time in years that PLU has had a physical space and gathering place dedicated to this effort.

Washington Achievers Scholars Program

Washington Achievers Scholars Program begins at PLU.


Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education

The Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education opens thanks to the vision and generosity of donors Peter (’60) and Grace Wang.


Affirmative Action Plan

Updating of the university’s affirmative action plan completed in February 2003. A full analysis is completed annually by Human Resources and a summary report is shared with President’s Council.