Diversity Inclusion Timeline

iGroup Program

The Diversity Center receives Carol Quigg award to support iGroup Program.


Name change

The Women’s Center changes its name to the Center for Gender Equity to better reflect its mission of inclusion and intersectionality.

First LGBTQ affiliated pastor

PLU employs its first pastor affiliated with the LGBTQ community.

First Trans Taskforce

The Director of the Center for Gender Equity and Director of Diversity Center co-chair first Trans Taskforce.


The Collective presents at the Board of Regents.



Residential Life Resident Directors create “J-Groups” Intergroup Dialogue-based four-week reading/discussion groups on various social justice topics for R/CA continued education.


Development of new Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) that are affinity based, including First in Family, Students of Color, and Lavender Communities takes place.

Orientation Welcome Reception

The Diversity Center hosts first Orientation Welcome Reception, to welcome and celebrate students and families from various cultural affinity groups.


Queer BBQ hosted during the first week of school in the backyard of the Center for Gender Equity.


The Diversity Center hosts first alumni travel weekend to Hawai’i.


Multi-Faith Mediation and Prayer space is established in Anderson University Center.


Fences by August Wilson preformed in the Studio Theater PLU, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017.

Fences becomes the first theater production directed by a student of color.


New dean

PLU establishes and fills the position of Dean of Inclusive Excellence.

Tacoma Pride Festival

Tacoma Pride Festival logo 2018.

The Diversity Center and Marketing and Communications partner to participate in the Tacoma Pride Festival.