Living Diversity at PLU

Diversity in the faculty, students and staff is a major source of PLU’s intellectual vitality and innovative spirit. PLU is a welcome home for all regardless of race, ethnicity, or culture. It is not enough to admit and hire a diverse population; rather PLU promotes leadership in diversity education, in institutionalizing the university’s diversity goals, and in maintaining and celebrating a campus culture where all members of the community demonstrate respect, integrity, honesty and good community relations. PLU strives to be a community where people of different cultures, intellectual positions and life-goals can reach their full potential. Such an environment develops respect for differences while fostering caring relationships, cross-cultural understanding, and common educational commitments.

The university is explicit about its responsibility to all members of our community regardless of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability. PLU’s community values diversity, and continues to widen its diversity efforts through the seamless integration of academic and student affairs opportunities that enhance the diversity curriculum. Faculty, students, and community members are all encouraged to participate in diversity scholarship and programming in cross-campus university events.

Our changing face

PLU’s international student body is changing. So is the domestic student population. Together, PLU continues to grow into a stronger, more diverse place.

Cross-cultural Coursework

How PLU’s study away programs challenge students to look beyond their familiar surroundings