DJS Lounge: a space for community connection | AUC 140 | Open 8am=5pm or whenever the door is open

DJS Lounge | AUC 140

8am – 5pm, or whenever the door is open

The DJS Lounge  is a community that explores and celebrates issues of intersectional identity and DJS. At the DJS Lounge, students can connect with programs, staff, and resources that center the voices, leadership, and needs of minoritized identities inclusive of those who identify as people of color, LGBTQIA+, undocumented students, first in the family, and those interested in diversity, justice, and sustainability.  This space is coordinated by The Diversity Center dAdvocates and Center for Gender Equity Interns.

Space Resources:

  • Book Nook
  • Kitchenette with fridge and microwave
  • TV
  • Study Room

DJS Clubs & Orgs are invited to reserve the DJS Lounge to host your meetings and programs.  Please email to coordinate.

Office of DJS: a space for community advocacy and support | AUC 150 | Open 8am-5pm

Office of DJS: Diversity Center + Center for Gender Equity

AUC 150 | M-F 8am – 5pm

This office space is open to the AVP of DJS, the Diversity Center, and the Center for Gender Equity.

In this space, you will find:

  • Dr. Angie Hambrick, AVP for DJS & Director of the CGE
  • Nicole Juliano: Director of the DCenter
  • Nicole Jordan: Coordinator of the CGE
  • Luke Ruiz: Assistant Director of the DCenter
  • Magdalena Stickel: Coordinator of the CGE and Confidential Victim’s Advocate

Professional staff in this space are responsible for facilitating and partnering for social change and work collaboratively with staff, faculty, and students to uphold our shared values of diversity, justice, and sustainability.

DJS Classroom: a space for community collaboration and education | AUC 135 | Open 8am-5pm or whenever the door is open

DJS Classroom | AUC 135

8am – 5pm, or whenever the door is open

The DJS Classroom is a collaboration between The Diversity Center, Center for Gender Equity, and the Parkland Literacy Center.  Here we are glad to welcome DJS connected classes, workshops, and community outreach programs.  When the space isn’t scheduled, we welcome students to use it as a study space.

In this space you will find:

  • Parkland Literacy Center: The primary mission of the PLC is to provide a safe and supportive space for students in the Parkland community to seek homework help, as well as creative projects and learning-focused games. The PLC operates here in the AUC, in the schools, and online.
  • Student Success Courses: Native American & Indigenous Studies Interconnections 111 & PLUS 100 Transitions to PLU – Students of Color
  • Student Staff and Club Meetings

Space Resources:

  • Flexible classroom seating for 24
  • TV
  • Coffee, tea, microwave

Community Garden: a space for community growth & sustainability | 811 121st St. | Open 8am-5pm | Stop by volunteer days, schedule a visit, or reserve a community bed |

The Community Garden | 811 121st St.

The PLU Community Garden is a community gather, learning, and growing space with a goal of increasing access to fresh produce and flowers in the Parkland community.  Our garden is cared for by Diversity Center staff and student leaders who work alongside community volunteers to plant, harvest, and maintain the grounds.  We look forward to connecting with you in the garden soon!