The Learning Agreement

Registering for credit is a pretty easy step-by-step process.

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to determine the course and the number of credits that will support your academic program and help you advance toward graduation. (Remember, AICE 276 or 476 are available as a general elective if an internship course in your major is not the best option.)
  2. Confirm that you have a faculty member (who may be someone other than your academic advisor) who will be your academic sponsor for the learning portion of your internship.
  3. Complete the academic internship Learning Agreement worksheet.
  4. Meet with your faculty sponsor to confirm what will be expected of you to earn the credits you plan to register for and be sure your opportunity will meet those expectations.
  5. Review the Learning Agreement with your internship work supervisor to confirm your learning goals and opportunities are consistent with the employer’s expectations. Your employer should make any changes they believe are necessary to be consistent with the work you will be doing with them. Review any changes with your faculty sponsor.
  6. Visit the Online Learning Agreement Instructions for guidance on how to enter your Learning Agreement.

The deadline to register your internship is the course add/drop date. Keep in mind that the entire process typically takes two weeks, so plan ahead!

Student Registration Quick Guide Flyer