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Ensemble Placement Auditions
September 6, 2013

Ensemble Placement auditions will be held during orientation weekend. There will be an instrumental audition and a choral audition.  Sign up sheets will be posted in Mary Baker Russell Music center, on the backstage bulletin boards.  You will need to select a time and sign up for your audition time. To find additional information about the placement auditions, go to ensemble placement auditions.

Ensemble Placement Schedule

Please click this link to submit your contact information so that we may send you information about ensemble placement auditions. This information will be sent in August.

New Student Contact Form

New Student Brochure

Sept. 6-9, 2013 (Tentative): - September Placement Auditions for Choral and Instrumental Ensembles Check MBRC back stage bulletin boards for audition sign up sheets. Ensemble Placement Audition Schedule

Sept 4-17 - Private Lesson and Ensemble Registration
All music students should check in at the Music Office
Music Office: MBRC, Room 206

Sept 9 Classes Begin - Opening Convocation in Olson Auditorium at 9am

8:00 classes meet / classes resume at 11:50am

Sept 9 – 13 Choral Recall Auditions / Locations to be announced

Recall lists will be posted in the back stage area of MBRC. Check the choral recall lists during this time. If your name appears on a list, note the time and place of recall audition.

Sept 12: 7pm Music Orientation Meeting

Lagerquist Concert Hall, MBRC

  • Introduction to the music faculty and staff
  • Learn voice and/or piano lesson instructor assignments
  • Schedule weekly lesson time
  • Learn about music concerts, concert attendance policy and student concert passes
  • Learn about locker / instrument check out
  • Learn about building hours and access / swipe card

Sept 20 Last day to register for lessons and ensembles without a fees

All new music students should register for their private lessons and ensembles in the Music Office located in Mary Baker Russell Music Center (MBRC) room 206 as soon as possible.  Students need to fill out some registration paperwork and the Music Office personnel will complete the registration on-line for students. If there is a problem with the registration, students are notified through their PLU e-mail address only.

Private Lesson

Private Lesson Fee:

Private lessons are taught one-on-one with a music instructor.  For this reason there is a private lesson fee for PLU music lessons in addition to the tuition. These fees are:

1 credit hour lesson = one 30 minute lesson per week / fee is $220
2 credit hour lesson = one 60 minute lesson per week / fee is $440

Private Lesson Level:

200 Level Lesson: Freshmen and Sophomores
400 Level Lesson: Juniors and Seniors

Piano & Voice Lessons:

There are several instructors teaching in the piano and voice areas.  New music students need to be assigned to one of the instructors by the area chairperson.  Once assigned to an instructor, students can continue to register with the instructor in future semesters.  As a result of this, students need to complete a new student questionnaire so the chairperson can determine who their instructor will be.  Students can request an instructor on this form.  Instructor assignments are announced at the Music Orientation Meeting on Thursday, September 8 at 7pm in Lagerquist Concert Hall in MBR.

Jazz Lessons:

Students who are music major or minors are required to have two semesters of classical lessons on their instrument before they can register for jazz lessons or they must have the permission of the Director of Jazz Activities.

Other Lesson Areas:

Students taking lessons in other areas can complete the registration paperwork in the Music Office. Once registered, they can select a weekly lesson time at the Music Orientation Meeting (Thursday, September 12 at 7pm).

Concert Attendance:

All students taking private lessons must complete the concert attendance requirement of six concerts from the approved concert attendance list during the semester. The Concert Attendance progress is processed through the Music Office.  Students who fail to go the six concerts will receive a lower private lesson grade.  Students can pick up an Approved Concert Attendance Schedule in the Music Office or on the Music website. Please note concert attendance requirements on the reverse side of the list.  The Music Students can obtain one free ticket to all concerts except the annual Christmas Concerts.  Students can pick up their tickets at the COncierge Desk in the Anderson University Center two weeks before a concert date or at the lobby desk just prior to the start of a concert.

Semester Juries:

Students registered for private lessons are also required to complete a semester jury.  This is held on the Friday before finals week.  Basically, students perform in front of faculty members in their area of lessons.  Faculty members give students feedback on their lesson progress.  This is an informal process. 

Ensemble Registration

Once the ensemble placement result lists have been posted, all students must complete their ensemble registration in the Music Office (MBRC 206).  Please remember, ensemble registration is not automatic. Each student must complete the registration paperwork in the Music Office before Friday, September 20 to avoid paying a late registration fee.

Locker Check Out

The Music Department has a limited number of instrument lockers available on a first-come, first served basis.  Lockers can be checked out through the Music Office front desk in Mary Baker Russell Music Center (MBRC 206) beginning September 2 from 9am – 12 noon and 1 – 4pm Monday through Friday.

Instrument Check Out

The Music Department has some music instruments for students to check out.  This requires either private lesson or ensemble instructor permission.  Please contact the Music Department front desk to inquire about available instruments.

Ensemble Uniform Rental

Tuxedos and choral gowns are provided by the Music Department for a fee of $30 per academic year.  This fee will be deducted from your student account during the fall semester. Students who fail to return their uniform either at the end of the academic year or at the end of their ensemble experience will be charged the full replacement cost of the unreturned uniform through their student account.  If a student should leave an ensemble before the end of the academic year, the uniform must be returned in order to avoid these charges. Students are expected to take care of the uniform. Choral gowns need to be washed in a washing machine (on permanent press cycle) on a regular basis.  The tuxedo (jacket, pants, cummerbund, and bow tie) must be dry-cleaned.  Dates and times for uniform check out will be announced through your ensemble director. 

Mary Baker Russell Music Center is open 7:55 am – 7:30 pm Monday -Friday /

Student Entrance by Card Swipe (Students must be registered for a music class) 7 am – 11 pm daily

Trinity Lutheran Church Teaching studios only: Third floor west: 8 am – 5 pm Monday - Friday. Students swipe card will be activated based on their instructors scheduled teaching time.