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A Passion for Bagpipes - Sam Horn '15

Horn, who began playing the bagpipe at the age of 11, has been forced by the demands of collegiate life, to ease up on the time he can allot to playing. “Going to college has really limited me in my ability to practice,” he says, in the same way someone might describe having not seen a good friend in a long time. As the kicker for PLU’s football team, sports writer for the Mooring Mast, tubist in PLU’s Wind Ensemble, and a full-time student majoring in communications, he stays busy. 

In 2008, Horn, was a member of a Northwest Junior Pipe Band from Shorecrest, Wash., that placed fifth in the World Bagpipe Championships. Teams from not only Scotland, but various other countries–Canada, Turkey, Iran, and New Zealand, to name a few–competed by playing a series of pieces as a collective. 

Marzano '13 sings his way to the Seattle Opera

John Marzano talks about his passion for opera.

PLU's 2012 Christmas Concert - A Child is Born

The 2012 opera, Mozart's The Magic Flute
Scott McAllister's Mercury on the Moon
Full performance here
Why PLU's Department of Music
Angela Meade '01 on her opera debut at the Met
Christmas 2010
Jason Saunders '11 on composing
Drum Taps
Behind the scenes at our annual Christmas concert at Benaroya Hall.