Communication of Hazards

Information and Training

PLU uses Vector LMS to provide general training on the hazards of wildfire smoke to all staff (Wildfire Smoke Safety), assigned at the start of their employment and annually thereafter.  This training includes informing supervisors of their responsibilities under this Rule.

Additionally, smoke and air quality information will be posted seasonally in break areas used by the most at-risk employees.  This information provides a reminder of potential effects of higher AQI numbers, symptoms of respiratory distress, and how to moderate the effects of wildfire smoke while at work.


PLU employee supervisors are provided with email notifications when the AQI reaches or exceeds 151 and instructed to alert those they supervise immediately of the air quality conditions.  This information can be communicated via radio, text message, phone, email, or in-person.  Supervisors will remind their staff of additional protective measures to take, including more frequent breaks, taking breaks in air-conditioned spaces, adjusting schedules, or wearing PPE.

Employees are encouraged to inform their supervisor of worsening air quality; and any adverse symptoms that may be the result of wildfire smoke exposure such as asthma attacks, difficulty breathing, and chest pain.