Hepatitis B Vaccine

All personnel who have been identified as having exposure to blood or OPIM through the exposure determination described in a preceding section of this plan must be offered the Hepatitis B vaccine series at no cost to the employee unless:

  • The staff member has previously received the series
  • Antibody testing reveals that the employee is immune
  • Medical reasons prevent taking the vaccination; or
  • The staff member chooses not to participate

Employees will be provided with information on Hepatitis B vaccinations addressing its safety, benefits, efficacy, methods of administration and availability during their annual Bloodborne Pathogens training.  The vaccination series is available from most medical providers, as well as many local pharmacies, and any portion of the cost that is not covered under your existing health insurance will be paid for by PLU Environmental Health and Safety. Please see Appendix B of this Plan for additional details about the vaccine and reimbursement process.

Employees are asked to complete a Hepatitis B Vaccine Signature Form found in Appendix A of this Plan, upon completion of their initial BBP Training.  The form will be kept in the staff member’s confidential Employee Occupational Health file. Employees who initially decline may request and obtain the vaccination at a later date at no cost.