Vehicle and Golf Cart Safety

1.0 Introduction

All members of the university authorized to drive university vehicles or otherwise operate a vehicle to conduct university business must operate vehicles in strict accordance with all Washington State and Pierce County laws. No work or errand is of sufficient importance to violate safe driving practices. Safe vehicle operation is the responsibility of all members of the PLU community while participating in all PLU business or activities.

RCW Title 46 Motor Vehicles governs safe vehicle use in Washington State. Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic of the Pierce County Code further refines and regulates vehicle use and traffic within the county. Campus Safety or Environmental Health & Safety can assist you in locating these documents upon request.

Vehicle accidents can happen at any time. In general, most accidents transpire after events that are physically tiring, during long trips, during bad weather, or in the late afternoon and evening hours. The PLU community experiences the majority of accident due to misjudging clearance. This includes parking accidents (backing-up) and turning radius.

2.0 Vehicle and Golf Cart Safe Operator Program

PLU strives to protect the safety of all community members by authorizing qualified drivers to operate university owned, leased or rented vehicles. The purpose of the PLU Vehicle Safety Policy is to ensure that PLU drivers have the skills and information necessary to be effective and safe vehicle operators; to communicate driver responsibilities; reduce vehicle accidents; and implement corrective actions for poor driving or repetitive unsafe incidents.

Policy Highlights

    • Authorized driver requirements.
      • Motor vehicle record checks on all faculty, staff, and student employees where driving is part of their job description or who drive regularly (five or more times a year) on university business.
      • Completion of assigned driving training modules.
    • Vehicle operations.
      • On-campus speed limit 5 mph.
      • Pedestrians have the right-of-way on campus.
      • Safe backing and parking.
      • Adherence to all State and Local laws regarding traffic movement and vehicle operations.
    • Insurance requirements
    • Trip safety.
    • Golf cart operations.
    • Vehicle incident response requirements.


3.0 Vendors and Contractors

The contracting PLU Department should provide a map to each contracted vendor that illustrates appropriate campus routes for vendors to use. Campus Safety may pre-authorize certain departments, such as Facilities Management and Hospitality Services and Campus Restaurants, to issue vendor or contractor passes. Vendors and Contractors shall observe approved vehicle routes and avoid heavy pedestrian zones. The vendor may request permission from Campus Safety to deviate from the approved vehicle routes.