Respirator Program Evaluation and Updates

We evaluate our respirator program for effectiveness by doing the following steps:

    1. Talk with employees who wear respirators to get their feedback about their respirators – how they fit, do they feel they are adequately protective, do they notice any difficulties in breathing while wearing them, etc.
    2. Periodically check employee job duties for changes that may require respirators other than a disposable filtering facepiece respirator.
    3. Have staff who supervise respirator users do daily checks to ensure proper use, storage, and replacement.

Should Washington State experience a severe shortage in the availability of filtering facepiece respirators and cause PLU to take measures to conserve our supply, the respirator program administrator will update our program to address any changes in use or other practices.

This program may be suspended if/when the COVID-19 risk to employees is no longer evident.

We keep this written program updated and make it available as part of our larger PLU Occupational Health & Safety Manual.