Types of Respirators Used at PLU

We have evaluated our job tasks and activities to identify the ones that could present “high” or “extremely-high” risk for Coronavirus transmission based on L&I guidance.

At this time, the only job roles requiring respiratory protection are those Health Center staff who are at high risk of contracting Coronavirus.  All other respirator use at PLU is voluntary.

Staff working in the student Health Center who are required to wear respiratory protection are those who administer COVID-19 tests to students.  They are issued 3M 8210, 8210-V, and 8210-plus N95 respirators to be worn while performing these tests.  Any filtering facepiece respirator used for COVID-19 protection and fitted with a valve, will be used along with a surgical mask to ensure exhaled air receives some level of filtration from the front of the mask.

Additionally, some PLU School of Nursing (SON) students may be required by their clinical placements to wear respiratory protection from COVID-19.  PLU SON will provide respiratory protection, fit testing, medical evaluations, and training for these students as needed and as directed by the individual clinical placement location.  These students will typically be provided with N95 respirators (3M 1860, 3M Aura 9205+, 3M 8210, Guangzhou Harley N95 L-188) and in some cases personal air purifying respirators (PAPR, 3M 7100 “Pandemic Powered”) where it is found that the wearer cannot use an N95.  The National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) has authorized this model for use during the COVID-19 pandemic only.