Use of Respirators

Donning, Seal Checks, & Doffing:  A seal check must be performed each time a respirator is used.  We require all staff who use filtering facepiece respirators to watch this 2-minute video from OSHA that shows how to put on, seal check, and safely remove their respirator:

Putting on and Taking off a Mask Correctly (English)

Como Ponerte y Quitarte una Mascarilla (Spanish)

Facial Hair: No beard, stubble, or other facial hair that could interfere with the mask-to-face seal is allowed during use since the respirator will no longer providing effective protection from the coronavirus.

Glasses: If corrective glasses or other personal protective equipment is worn, they must be put on after the respirator is situated on the face.  This is important to preserve an effective mask-to-face seal.

Inspections: Staff will always check their respirator before putting it on to make sure the straps and other parts are intact.

Reuse: Filtering facepiece respirators are disposable and will not be reused beyond the period of time the respirator manufacturer recommends or beyond the work shift, which ever ends first.