Spill Response

Departments having the responsibility of spill cleanup of blood or OPIM shall maintain supplies necessary to manage cleanup activities, including appropriate disinfectant, absorbent material, infectious waste bags, and personal protective equipment (PPE).  Only personnel who have received annual BBP training are authorized to handle this type of spill cleanup.  Environmental Services, Campus Safety, and the EH&S Manager are all qualified to handle this type of spill and should be contacted for cleanup when only untrained personnel are at the scene.

Spill cleanup procedure:

  1. Don gloves and any other PPE as necessary (face shield, disposable gown, etc.)
  2. If spill is of a large volume of fluid, absorb with towels or absorbent sheet.
  3. Place absorbent material in biohazard bag
  4. Cover spill area with disinfectant
  5. Wait the recommended length of time, based on the type of disinfectant used. (see label instructions)
  6. After keeping spill area wet for recommended length of time, wipe area clean with paper towels.
  7. If necessary, follow up with a wipe-down of the area using water and additional towels to remove residual disinfectant
  8. Place all cleanup supplies, including gloves and other disposable PPE into biohazard bag and tie the bag closed.
  9. Place bag into second biohazard bag for transport.
  10. Disinfect any reusable cleanup equipment, as necessary.
  11. If available, dispose of bagged cleanup waste in biohazard waste cans. If not available, contact Environmental Services for pickup and safe disposal.
  12. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water
  13. Complete a PLU Spill Report Form (Appendix C)
  14. Send completed Report to the PLU EH&S Manager via email.

Any non-disposable attire that has been contaminated by a spill of blood or OPIM must be promptly disinfected by using a chemical disinfectant or by autoclaving, as appropriate.