Employees are to be trained prior to being required to wear a respirator and annually after that. Training shall include staff who supervise respirator users since we rely on them to help monitor respirator use.

Training covers each of these areas:

    • Why the respirator is necessary
    • The respirator’s capabilities and limitations
    • How improper fit, use, or storage can make the respirator ineffective
    • How to properly inspect, put on, seal check, use, and remove the respirator
    • How to store the respirator
    • Why medical evaluations are necessary
    • Our obligations under the Respirators Rule

Our employees are trained online via the Vector LMS portal, using a presentation provided by Washington Labor and Industries and customized to be appropriate for PLU employees.  This training portal tracks training completions and automatically reassigns training annually.  They also receive in-person instruction from a supervisor when issued their respirator and if the style of respirator changes.