Supervisors will:

  • Notify employees if they work they perform exposes them to noise levels at or above 85 dBA.
  • Arrange for training of affected employees.
  • Assist Environmental Health & Safety Manager in arranging audiometric testing.
  • Assist in follow up (see below) procedures when audiometric testing identifies a standard threshold shift
  • Enforce the use of hearing protection where it is required.

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Manager will:

  • Arrange for annual audiometric testing
  • Assist supervisors in obtaining noise level measurements of the workplace
  • Work with employees on follow up procedures when a standard threshold shift is identified.
  • Assist in evaluating the appropriate hearing protection for the environment.

Workers will:

  • Wear all hearing protection as required by their job role, location, or supervisor
  • Maintain hearing protection in clean, working order, replacing as necessary when the effectiveness is lost.
  • Report any concerns about noise exposure in the work environment to supervisor and/or the PLU Environmental Health & Safety Manager.
  • Make an effort to have any suggested re-tests done promptly, within the 21 day window provided after notification of a temporary STS.