Exposure Measurements & Noise Surveys

The University maintains an accurate record of all employee exposure measurements and surveys required by this section.  This helps to ensure the appropriate people are being included in this Program.  These records are maintained and available upon request.  Contact the PLU EH&S Manager for more information.

Audiometric Tests

The Environmental Health & Safety office will retain a copy of all employee audiograms. This record will include:

    • Name and job classification of the worker
    • Date of the audiogram
    • The examiner’s name
    • Date of the last acoustic or exhaustive calibration of the audiometer
    • Employee’s most recent noise exposure assessment
Record Retention

The University will retain exposure measurements and copies of any letters to workers, as required by the Standard for at least two years and for as long as PLU relies upon them to determine employee exposure.  Audiometric test records will be retained for, at minimum, the duration of employment for the affected employees.

Access to Records

All records required by this section shall be provided upon request to employees, former employees, representatives designated by the individual employee, and the director. The provisions of WAC 296-802-40005 apply to access to records under this section.