Voluntary Use of Respirators

Employees may voluntarily use their own or university-issued respirators when the supervisor has determined that such use will not in itself create a hazard. When voluntary use is permissible, the supervisor must present the employee with this form. The employee must sign the form and the signed copy is forwarded to the Environmental Health & Safety Manager.

Medical evaluations are not required for voluntary use of filtering face piece respirators. Fit testing is not required for voluntary use of any respirator.

For the following work, voluntary use is permitted when exposures are below regulatory limits.

    • Pesticide/herbicide application as suggested by manufacturers specifications
    • Spray painting
    • Preparing glaze and ceramics clay from powdered material
    • Use by the auto mechanic for metal dust, solvent vapors, or removal of asbestos brakes from vehicles
    • Welding
    • When working in crawl spaces (protection from potential asbestos dust and animal feces)