Administration and Compliance

The PLU Environmental Health & Safety Manager is the administrator of this plan and is responsible for its implementation. Employees who are identified as having occupational exposure are required to comply with the procedures and work practices outlined in this exposure control plan. Failure to follow these procedures can result in disciplinary action.

A. Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Identifying at-risk employees and arranging for employee exposure control training on an annual basis. Training can be coordinated through the PLU Environmental Health & Safety Manager.
  • Maintain confidentiality for employees who have had an exposure incident, such as a needle stick.
  • Assist in evaluations of safer sharps options, and implementing use of safer sharps when reasonable.
B. Employee Responsibilities
  • Follow the specific procedures developed by their department, in addition to the procedures presented in this plan.
  • Attend annual training if required.
  • Schedule and report to vaccination appointments.
  • Report needlestick and other exposure incidents immediately.
C. Environmental Health & Safety Manager Responsibilities
  • Ensure annual training is provided for at-risk employees.
  • Consult supervisors to ensure training is appropriate for their employees.
  • Maintain employee training and confidential Hepatitis B vaccination records.
  • Review this program annually with input from affected departments.