Department of Music

Major in Music!

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Entrance Audition: To be admitted to a music major program, prospective students must audition for the music faculty. 

Ensemble Requirement: Music majors are required to participate every semester in one of the music ensembles specified in their major. (Exception: semester involving study abroad and/or student teaching).

Bachelor of Music in Performance 

For dedicated musicians seeking the highest professional goals and achievement in performance - 80 semester hours

Concentrations in:
  • Instrumental Performance
  • Piano Performance
  • Organ Performance
  • Vocal Performance

Bachelor of Music in Composition

For those seeking careers in composition - 80 semester hours

Bachelor of Musical Arts

For those seeking a broad, liberal arts education with an emphasis on music. Non-music cognate required: minor or second major outside of music - 62 semester hours

Bachelors of Music Education

For those seeking to teach music in the public schools - 66 semester hours plus 17 hours from Instructional Leadership and Development (Education)

  • K-12 Choral
  • K-12 Instrumental (Band)
  • K-12 Instrumental (Orchestra)

Bachelor of Arts

Non-music cognate required: minor or second major outside of music - 44 semester hours


  • Music – General - 20 semester hours
  • Music – Specialized - Composition, Instrumental, Organ, Piano, Voice and Jazz - 32 semester hours