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Linda Gibson, Ph.D.

Linda Gibson, Ph.D.


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Human Resources & Management

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Linda K. Gibson has taught courses in human resource management, organizational behavior, management of effective organizations, career management/self-assessment, organizational development and change strategies. Her scholarship and consulting work, with companies such as Weyerhaeuser and higher education institutions, have been focused on: mentoring in business, managing careers, managing performance, partnerships between business and academe, assessment, and accountability issues for higher education, leadership, and changing cultures. She was also the Director of a two-year FIPSE grant at PLU on infusing assessment and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) into higher education. In addition, Dr. Gibson has been a Faculty Fellow at Boeing, doing a strategic analysis of compensation systems. (Ph.D. in Management and M.A. in Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia) Dr. Gibson's hobbies include reading, nature photography, interior decorating, tending to her cats and llamas, and spending time outside gardening, hiking, snowshoeing, and just enjoying the mountains.