What is Marketing?

Marketing is a broad and dynamic field which deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs. The study of marketing encompasses diverse topics such as market strategy and research, consumer analysis, product management, distribution, pricing, and promotion, providing students with a broad understanding of the business world. Marketing is considered to be one of the largest areas of employment in business today with about 25-30 percent of the workforce being employed in marketing and related distribution and transportation activities.

What can I do with Marketing?

Marketing jobs come in a wide range of areas. Marketing majors can seek employment in advertising, promotion management, public relations, new product planning and product management, services marketing, international marketing, Internet marketing, media buying, marketing for non-profit organizations, retailing, and sports marketing.

Why Marketing at PLU?

At PLU, marketing majors get more than just a classroom education. The marketing program is designed to provide students with a focused knowledge of marketing and its role in society. Marketing students are required to complete courses in consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing management as well as one other marketing elective. In addition, students will participate in several service-learning projects throughout the marketing curriculum solving real-world problems for local businesses and/or nonprofit organizations in the community. As a result, marketing students will develop their conceptual, analytical, creative, communication, and leadership skills and abilities which will prepare them for first-level positions in marketing and enable them to fulfill their academic and/or professional endeavors in life.

Marketing Concentration Requirements

Marketing – 16 semester hours

  • BUSA 363: Consumer Behavior (4)
  • BUSA 467: Marketing Research (4)
  • BUSA 468: Marketing Management (4)
  • At least four semester hours from the following:
  • BUSA 361: e-Marketing (4)
  • BUSA 366: Multicultural Marketing (4)
  • BUSA 460: International Marketing (4)
  • Special Topics courses with a Marketing focus (check with your adviser on availability of such courses)
  • Internship highly recommended but does not apply to the concentration