Learning Outcomes of the Undergraduate Business Program

Bachelor of Business Administration Graduates will:

  1. Be effective communicators

           a.  Student can write a well-organized and grammatically correct paper, memo, or case that is informative and professional

           b. Student can make an effective presentation that is informative and professional

     2. Think Critically

          a.  Student can apply relevant information to a business problem and arrive at a well-reasoned conclusion

          b.  Student can analyze and interpret quantitative data in decision making

     3.  Have an Ethical Perspective

           a.  Student can recognize ethical issues in a scenario

           b.  Student can recognize and evaluate alternative courses of action

     4.  Be competent in the basic business disciplines

           a.  Student can demonstrate essential knowledge in each functional area

5.  Have a Global Perspective

           a.  Student can identify issues arising from cultural differences

           b.  Student can recognize how global issues impact business