Introducing New Certificate Programs in the School of Business

Get ready for something unique, fun, and impactful.

Certificate programs are not courses. You do not need to use PLU credits for them, and you can participate as a way to explore a variety of areas and build professional skills and experiences that you can put on your resume. Ever wondered what it’s like to be a consultant? To find ways to connect with others in the world of sales, diplomacy, or nonprofits? Or to better understand leadership via diversity, equity, and inclusion? If so, one of the experiential programs this Fall is perfect for your participation.

While these aren’t classes and are more like learning labs, they are built on your active participation and commitment to the program. Each program has an application process, to learn more, email Becki Torgerson at, or call at (253) 535-7245. Each of these programs are open to current full-time PLU students.

Business Justice Initiative

Business Justice Initiative logo

This experiential program allows you, as a future leader, to understand a variety of perspectives about the history of business and justice. Guest speakers from a variety of areas offer their perspectives, live experience, and insights regarding the role of business and society.

Throughout the program, students will seek to identify areas of structural inequity, conduct research, reimagine the future, and serve as advocates to shape the future of business and justice.

The faculty mentor for this program is Dr. Skip Rowland, a professor, proud black business owner, and leader in the Chamber of Commerce and our community.


inquiry logo

This certificate program allows you to learn more about consultative engagement, a process used in sales, nonprofits, and even diplomacy. It’s up to us to learn more about those with whom we work, to understand their needs and desires, and ultimately to co-design outcomes that benefit the organization and the client (or the community).

This program is built on active engagement, so it’s much more experiential and a type of learning lab. In the subsequent semester (Spring), students who are interested in this process have an opportunity to take part in a paid internship.

The faculty mentor for this program is David Sherve, a CEO of a local company, and who has decades of experience.

Resumes in Fall 2023!  Course description and prerequisites can be found in the class schedule.


nourish logo

This certificate program allows you the opportunity to learn the art and science of consulting, from industry experts and alumni, and then put this skill to use in supporting women and/or minority-owned businesses. Students become consultants and researchers to help nourish businesses in areas they identify as critical to their success.

The faculty mentor for this program is Professor Pfaff, an entrepreneur and highly experienced small business consultant with business incubator experience.