Pacific Lutheran University School of Business Executive Advisory Board

The Executive Advisory Board is a non-fiduciary board established to provide guidance, support and assistance to the School of Business in fulfilling the School’s mission.  Members are invited to join the Board because they have resources, skills and qualities that can advance both the School of Business and the Board’s purposes, which are to:

  • Provide guidance on program direction, strategic growth and community connections by actively participating in board meetings held three times per year.
  • Provide financial support both personally and through corporate connections.
  • Participate in networking activities which promote the University’s mission and specifically, that of the School of Business.
  • Support the School’s mission by participating on committees based on expertise and interest.  These committees meet informally to develop strategy and generate ideas to help the School achieve its objectives.

Current Members

EAB Chair
Erik Ogard, CFA, BA ’88

Chief Investment Officer
Fortitude Financial Network

Brian Babbitt, BBA ’92
Chief Investment Officer
Financial Insights, Inc.

Mark Foege, BBA ‘86, MBA  ‘99
Business Advisors of Hawaii

Aaron Fossum ’99

Aaron Fossum, BBA ’99
Practice Director
Unify Consulting

Kim Lintott ’09 MBA

Kim Lintott, MBA ’09
Director of Finance

Anna Loomis, BBA ’94, MBA ’14
Chief Financial Officer
Legacy Health

Barbara Mead, BBA ’76
Moss Adams LLP

Brian Narramore, BBA ’93
SVP Global Human Resources
Brock Group

Clare Petrich
Port of Tacoma, Retired

Tim Spangler, BBA ’88
Senior Vice President of Retail
Recreational Equipment, Inc.

Rob Wotton, MBA ’99
Assistant Vice President
Umpqua Bank

Emeritus Members

Neal Arntson ’58

Neal Arntson, BBA ’58
Albina Fuel

John Korsmo ’84

John Korsmo, BBA ’84
John Korsmo Construction, Inc.

Don Morken ’60

Don Morken, BA ’60, MBA ’62
President – Retired
Genesee Investments

William Rogers ’82 MBA

William Rogers, MBA ’82 
President – Retired
Evergreen Staffing

Douglas Saugen ’79

EAB Chair 2013-2015
Douglas Saugen, BBA ’79

Senior Partner – Retired

Colette Taylor

EAB Chair 2015-2018
Colette Taylor
President & CEO / COO
Russell Trust, Russell Investments