BBA Overall Requirements

  • A minimum of 128 semester hours.
  • An overall minimum grade point average of 2.50.
  • A minimum 2.50 grade point average separately in business courses.
  • C- minimum grade in all business courses.
  • At least one-half of the minimum total degree requirements are taken in fields outside the School of Business.
  • At least 56 semester hours in required and elective business-related subjects: 40 credits from B.B.A. core and 16 credits of business electives.
  • A minimum of 28 semester hours in business must be taken in residence at PLU.
  • Upper-division business course access is limited to students who have been admitted to the School of Business.

Business Degree and Concentration requirements are established at time of major declaration

Students with a declared major in business who have not attended the University for a period of three years or more will be held to the business degree requirements in effect at the time of re-entry to the University. Transfer and continuing students should see the catalog under which they entered the program and consult with the Undergraduate Advisor regarding degree requirements.