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David E. McNabb is Professor Emeritus and continuing adjunct professor at the Pacific Lutheran University School of Business. He received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University, an MA at the University of Washington and his BA at California State University-Fullerton. He has taught undergraduate and graduate management and administration courses for Edmonds Community College, Olympic College, Oregon State University, the University of Maryland-University College (Europe), the American University in Bulgaria, and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia, a regional business education program in Northern France, and the master’s in public administration program at Evergreen State College. He is sole author of 13 books (including follow-on editions), coauthor of two others, and author or joint author of nearly 100 research papers and conference papers. Dr. McNabb continues to tech and research. He is currently an elected commissioner for a water and wastewater district in Washington State.

His books include:

 On policy and related management topics:

Pathways to Global Water Sustainability

Water Resource Management

Oil and the Creation of Iraq: Policy Failures and the 1914-1918 War in Mesopotamia

Vladimir Putin and the Revival of the Russian Empire

Nation Building in the Baltic States (with Gundar J. King)

Energy Policy in the U. S. (with Laurence Geri)

The New Face of Government

Knowledge Management in the Public Sector: Blueprint for Innovation in Government.

Public Utilities: Meeting 21st Century Management Challenges (1-2 editions)

On research methods:

Research Methods for Public Administration and Non-Profit Organizations (1-4 editions)

Research Methods in Political Science: Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches (1-2 editions)

Case Research in Public Administration

Nonsampling Error in Social Surveys

On business history:

Comparative Business History, Vol. 1: Four Paths to an Industrial Economy

Comparative Business History, Vol. 2: Converging Trends in the Global Marketplace