School of Nursing Recognition Ceremony

The Recognition Ceremony, which includes presentation of school pins for ABSNs and BSNs and graduate hoods for MSN and DNPs along with other awards and recognition, is held for the graduating nursing students. The ceremony is planned by the School of Nursing and the graduating students and represents a long-standing tradition of schools of nursing. Participation in the Pinning/Hooding ceremony is limited to students who are graduating from one of the PLU School of Nursing degree programs.

Students are expected to adhere to all professional conduct and values of professional nursing and essential qualification standards as outlined in the student handbook during the planning and participation of the ceremony. Students who violate these standards may not be granted admittance to the ceremony or may be escorted from the ceremony. Students may also incur a deduction of professionalism points from their senior II level courses for breaches of professionalism during this School of Nursing Event.