Intimate and Sexual Relationships

Nursing students are strongly advised to recognize appropriate professional boundaries. As such, they are advised to refrain from inappropriate intimate or sexual relationships with classmates or clinical agency personnel. Intimate and/or sexual relationships with faculty or members of the instructional team are strictly prohibited. Maintenance of appropriate personal and professional boundaries is an essential component of professional relationships and does not include the inappropriate engagement in personal intimacies, sexual contact, or sexual coercion.

Sexual misconduct of any kind is not tolerated and will be addressed through PLU’s Student Conduct System. For more information see Sexual Misconduct section within this Student Handbook. All suspected inappropriate relationships will be reported to the PLU Title IX Coordinator, and are subject to disciplinary action by the university. See PLU Title IX Policy and PLU Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Sexual or romantic conduct with a patient or the patient’s family is serious professional misconduct, will be reported immediately, and is grounds for program dismissal. Such conduct is not limited to sexual contact and includes behaviors or expressions of a sexual or intimately romantic nature. Sexual or romantic conduct is prohibited whether or not the client, family member or significant other initiates or consents to the conduct.