Leave of Absence

A leave of absence from the School of Nursing is an interruption in academic progress of one year or less. A written request for a leave of absence, stating the reasons, length of time, and expected date of return, should be submitted to the RAP Committee. Students may also be required to supply additional supporting documentation. The leave of absence must ultimately be approved by the Dean.

A leave of absence may be granted because of special foreseeable circumstances, such as completion of military obligations, personal or family health and wellbeing, financial difficulties, planned medical procedures, or childbirth that is known to be occurring in an upcoming term. Because these events are foreseeable, students are expected to request a leave of absence before the term begins. Leaves of absence after the semester has begun may be granted when unforeseeable or emergency circumstances arise such as a sudden illness or a family member’s illness, complications with a medical procedure like childbirth, an accident, or military mobilization.

Leave may be denied when the student fails to follow the process established for requesting leave, when the request is not timely, when educational standards would be lowered or require substantial modification for the student requesting leave and/or others, or when the reason for leave is deemed insufficient. Denial of requested leave may require the student to withdraw and seek readmission.
Students should be aware that there may be an academic and/or financial consequence to withdrawing during a semester.

When the need for a leave of absence is foreseeable, a student should inform the course instructor(s) and his or her faculty advisor at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester in which leave will be needed. This should be prior to the required payment of tuition. Failure to make a timely request for foreseeable leave may result in leave being denied. Tuition will not be refunded. When the need for leave is not foreseeable, notice must be given as soon as is practical. An appointment with the Associate Director of Advising, Admissions, & Student Support is advised to discuss the leave and plan for return. Return to the School of Nursing is offered on a space-available basis.

Students considering a leave of absence should first meet with their advisor to determine if they have sufficient cause to justify a leave and how this leave will impact their academic progress. Those requesting a leave after the add/drop period will further be required to speak with The Office of Financial Aid to determine any fees that will accrue as a result of a withdrawal, and how this will impact their funding. Failure to return from a leave of absence will result in a withdrawal and the student must reapply to the program, but readmission will not be guaranteed.

Depending on the length of the absence, upon return cohort prices and program duration are subject to increase. Graduate courses are only offered annually. Original course sequencing is not guaranteed and subject to curricular changes. Failure to return from the absence will result in withdrawal and the student must then reapply to the program. Readmission to the program is not guaranteed.