Integrity and Academic Integrity

Integrity is an essential characteristic for nursing students and practicing nurses. Integrity involves the demonstration of honesty, trustworthiness, accountability, truthfulness, and reliability. The practice of the profession of nursing involves close interactions with a wide range of individual and groups of clients. The nurse must act to safeguard those clients and the public in matters of health care and safety. One aspect of professionalism is the maintenance of one’s own integrity.

Academic integrity is honesty concerning all aspects of academic performance including clinical performance and is imperative for nursing students. Nursing is a trusted profession and academic dishonesty is considered a very serious matter. Academic integrity in the classroom is defined in the PLU Student Rights and Responsibilities. Academic integrity in the clinical setting involves accurately representing one’s actions with clients, upholding expectations for evidence-based practice, and demonstrating competency in clinical judgment and practice.

Academic dishonesty or other breaches of integrity may result in dismissal from the School of Nursing.