Nursing students are expected to attend all classes, to be in the clinical areas as assigned, and to be on time. Faculty will set other attendance requirements for particular classes, labs and/or clinicals. It is at the faculty’s discretion to determine what constitutes excused and unexcused absences. Failure to attend the first two in-person class, labs, or clinicals, and failure to log in to online courses within the first week will result in removing the student from the course and affects program progressions accordingly. Students with asynchronous courses are expected to complete weekly online assignments, discussions, other materials as scheduled. Refer to Course Syllabi for specific requirements.

A minimum number of clinical hours is required to complete clinical rotations for the nursing programs (see WAC 246-840-531). Absences for any reason may adversely affect the course grade and may result in failure and will definitely affect the student’s grade. Refer to the Clinical Attendance Section for additional information.

The laboratory component of nursing courses is an integral part of the nursing program. Successful demonstration of technical nursing skills in the lab is vital to ensure safe nursing practice in the clinical agencies. Therefore, attendance at all scheduled lab demonstrations, practices and tests are mandatory.

If an absence is unavoidable, the student is responsible for remedial work to master the material or activity missed, as well as for notifying the instructor(s) in a timely, appropriate manner. However, the points or credits may not be recouped. If a scheduled test is missed, there is no guarantee that it can be rescheduled; this may adversely affect the final course grade.