Medical Withdrawal

The university recognizes that in certain circumstances a health issue may so significantly impact a student’s academic work that a Medical Withdrawal for the term is needed. Students may petition to withdraw completely from the University for a specific term for medical reasons. The student must provide written evidence from a physician and a personal explanation to the Dean of Students in Students Rights and Responsibilities. The petition and the accompanying materials must be completed and submitted before finals week for the specific term and in no case later than the last day of class in the specific term. If granted, the notation of WM in lieu of grades will appear on the student’s transcript. Medical provider clearance is required prior to re-enrollment. Contact the Dean of Students Office (Health Services Building, 253-535-7462) for more information and to receive the Petition for Medical Withdrawal. When contacting the Dean of Students Office, it is best to have the documentation immediately available to expedite the process.