Criminal Background Checks (Annual)

Additionally, all entering students are required by state law to undergo criminal history screening at both the state and national level. All Washington schools of nursing are required to have clearance verification on students prior to participation in clinical experiences. The state and/or national criminal history background check must be repeated every year. Students will be alerted to these requirements as they become due.

A criminal history may necessitate withdrawal from nursing classes. A student has a professional responsibility to inform their advisor and the School of Nursing administration (Dean, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, or Associate Director of Advising, Admissions, & Student Support) within 5 working days of any new criminal offenses. No penalty results in most cases if the offense would not affect unrestricted RN licensure in Washington and if the student reports the offense within 5 working days. If the offense would result in restrictions upon or denial of RN licensure, the student is not eligible to participate in the nursing program. (See Decision Making Criteria for License Application). Regardless of the offence, failure to divulge criminal offences to their advisor and the School of Nursing administration within 5 working days is considered a violation of standards of professionalism and integrity and will be referred to the School of Nursing Recruitment, Admission, and Progression (RAP) Committee. This may result in dismissal from the program.