Compliance and Immunization Requirements

Students are required to maintain compliance with all health and clearance requirements. These requirements are in place to comply with the policies of the clinical agencies where students receive learning experiences; protect the university by ensuring strict adherence to its guidelines; ensure that clients receive quality care, protect the health and wellbeing of clients, and protect the student in the clinical area. Failure to comply with these requirements will prevent the student from beginning and/or continuing in clinical nursing courses. This may alter progression in the program or lead to the rescission of admission for newly entering students. Students are responsible for the submission, maintenance and record keeping of their own health information.
The School of Nursing utilizes a vendor for tracking, access and maintenance of these immunization and compliance records throughout your academic program. Instructions for usage will be provided to you upon admission to the program and at your request from the School of Nursing office.

Many of the required items do expire each year and need to be renewed on an annual basis. You will receive notifications direct from the vendor for items that are expiring.

All Compliance and Immunization requirements are determined by the Clinical Placement Consortium Northwest and the School of Nursing policies.