Culture of Respect

The PLU School of Nursing is committed to actively cultivating and promoting safe and respectful environments to ensure equitable opportunities for all students, faculty and staff to learn and work to optimal capacity. Learning environments, structures, systems, policies, and procedures will be based on a positive, productive culture of meaningful, collaborative relationships and attention to a safe, orderly, and respectful learning and working environments.

This respect is illustrated by the following behaviors:

  • Acknowledging the value of others by treating them with respect.
  • Exemplifying good human relations skills such as courteousness, consideration and responsiveness to others.
  • Acting in a dignified professional manner.
  • Listening to others carefully and asking for clarification when necessary.
  • Acknowledging others time frame by being on time and making reasonable requests are requisites of respect.

These behaviors reflect pride in oneself, the profession of nursing, and being a member of the PLU School of Nursing.

The School of Nursing Culture of Respect is maintained through our Guiding Principles, expectations for student conduct and professional behavior, adherence to the ANA Code of Ethics for Nursing and values of the profession. Please refer to student policies on conduct, academic integrity, code of ethics, values, netiquette, provided throughout this Student Handbook.