Military and Veteran Services

PLU stands ready to welcome military vets with a complete veteran support cadre including a Director of Military Outreach, VA Certifying Officials, Vet Corps Navigators and more. Veteran Services at PLU begins with the Director of Military Outreach (DMO.) The DMO supports military affiliated students so they can focus on their academics by working with and finding resources within community resources and military transition authorities. Students eligible to receive VA benefits, must contact the VA Certifying Officials in the Office of Student Financial Services and submit the necessary paperwork for certification. The student must turn in the PLU Certification request form each term to insure continuous receipt of benefits. PLU also has a Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs and AmeriCorps trained Vet Corps Navigator. The Navigator’s job is to help connect students with supportive opportunities, resources, and people both on and off campus. This navigator is also a veteran of the military and a veteran of the higher education system making them uniquely qualified to assist newly transitioning veterans and their family members as they embark on their new adventure at PLU. For military and veteran resources on campus, please connect through their webpage.