N407 Clinical Placements

Several months prior to the students’ enrollment in N407, the Clinical Placement Coordinator and course faculty will review the process with students at a class session.
The goal of the practicum placement is to place the student into a setting where they will successfully be able to integrate all aspects of nursing into a cohesive beginning nursing practice.

While clinical hours are listed at registration, please be aware that clinical hours and placements may change. The Clinical Placement Coordinator will communicate sites and pre-placement requirements timely. The expectation is that students will complete these pre-placement timely to avoid any delays in starting their clinical rotations.

Clinical Orientation & Electronic Medical Record Training

Please note that students may be required to meet agency specific clinical orientation and EMR training prior to the official start of the clinical rotation. It is the student’s responsibility to check PLU email and Announcement notifications several weeks before the beginning of the term as this is the method of communication for such announcements.