Change of Advisor

The School of Nursing reserves the right to reassign students to a new faculty advisor when need arises. Such changes most often occur when faculty leave the department, when new faculty are hired, and/or when a faculty member’s availability and/or status changes.

Students are also allowed to request a change of advisor. A change of advisor form is available from the School of Nursing office. Keep in mind that change of advisor request is not granted unconditionally. Students benefit greatly from working with the same advisor for their years in the School of Nursing. Doing so ensures that one faculty member is familiar with the student’s individual goals and academic progress while also facilitating consistency in advising.

Students desiring a change of advisor must contact the Associate Director of Advising, Admission, & Student Support to discuss why they would like this change. All changes of advisor must be approved by the Program Lead and the Associate Director of Advising, Admission, and Student Support, who may decline the request if, in their discretion, the change would not be beneficial to the student. A student wishing to work with a specific advisor should contact this faculty member first to see if they is accepting additional advisees.