General Advising Information

All students will be assigned a nursing faculty advisor during their first semester in the School of Nursing. The faculty advisor may advise them academically and professionally and serve as the student’s advocate. The faculty advisor’s role is not to be a personal friend or therapist.

Students should plan to meet with their advisors at least once each semester to check their progress and discuss any issues or concerns. An initial meeting is during the junior I semester when students map out an academic plan and sign their academic program contract (APC) to declare nursing as their major. ABSN students should connect with the Academic Success Coach to determine advising needs.

The PLU junior review takes place once a student has completed 60 credits and is a requirement of the Office of the Registrar. The student completes this process independently online.

Graduate students should meet with their advisors twice during the program: once during their first or second semester, and again during the semester before graduation, and as needed.