School of Nursing Administrative Offices

Phone: (253) 535-7672 email:

The School of Nursing administrative suite is located in Room 214 of the Ramstad Building. Several administrative offices are located, within the suite, including those of the Dean, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Director of Advising, Admissions & Student Support, and Clinical Onboarding Specialist. The office staff also includes the Assistant to the Dean, Senior Office Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant, Budget and Contract Coordinator, and student workers. The Director of the Center for Continued Nursing Learning (CCNL) Program and Coordinator for the CCNL program are located in Ramstad.

In addition to providing support for School of Nursing daily operations, the staff of the School of Nursing serve as an informational resource for students, faculty, other PLU offices, and members of the community. Students are welcome to visit the office during regular operating hours to conduct business, submit assignments and other papers, or to make appointments to meet with nursing administrators.

Since interaction with office personnel is as much a component of professional behavior as is performance in the clinical and classroom setting, students are expected to exhibit the same professionalism and courtesy when interacting with any member of the office staff as they would with members of the faculty, student colleagues, and other professionals. As professional office staff, each member is committed to delivering quality service.

In the interest of courtesy and privacy, students are not permitted to enter any individual administrative office without first being invited to do so and should check in with administrative staff. So that confidential information may remain secure, students may not enter the faculty mailroom, also located in the main offices.