Needle Stick Injury/Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure/Exposure to Communicable Disease

Exposure to bloodborne pathogens can occur through needle sticks, skin exposure to blood when skin is chapped or cut and body fluid splash to the eye, inside of nose or mouth.

All potential exposures to bloodborne pathogens must be reported to your clinical instructor and agency staff within 1 hour of occurrence. Needle stick injuries as a result of clean or dirty needles must be reported. First aid should be immediately accessed for any exposure. Immediate medical evaluation should be sought (Emergency room, urgent care, primary provider). Additional guidance for testing/treatment will be provided by your medical provider post exposure. Prophylaxis medication, if needed, should be started within 72 hours. Students are responsible for the cost of treatment for injuries sustained while in classroom / clinical / lab.

All needle stick and bloodborne pathogen exposures must be reported via clinical facility and School of Nursing incident reports.