Health Protection Policy / Health Insurance Requirements

All students are expected to render safe, quality nursing care to all clients. Students are expected to know policies and procedures that reduce the risk of spread of infection to self and others. Students must demonstrate an understanding of infection control principles, including the transmission of HIV/AIDS, through tests or certification. Other skills which incorporate measures to decrease the transmission of infection will be validated in the practice laboratory prior to the clinical application.

Exposure to communicable diseases and potential physical injury are inherent risks in healthcare. Students are responsible for exercising reasonable prudence to prevent injury or risk. Students will comply with approved safety precautions so as to not compromise their own safety or that of others in the vicinity. Students who are injured or come in contact with a communicable disease should contact their clinical faculty immediately to determine appropriate action. Expenses incurred over the course of treatment for an illness or injuries acquired in the clinical setting are the responsibility of the student.

In order to protect vulnerable patients, students should not participate in clinical if they are exhibiting symptoms of a communicable disease, including fever, productive cough, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. If you are unsure if you should participate in the clinical setting, students should contact their clinical faculty. If an absence is necessary, the student will be required to make up the clinical time to meet the minimum clinical hours at the time and place determined by faculty teaching the course.

Health Insurance Requirement

All students in the PLU School of Nursing are required to carry personal health insurance coverage at all times, in addition to the PLU Wellness Access Plan required for all PLU undergraduate students (the Wellness Access Plan is not sufficient coverage for nursing students). Required coverage must include emergency medical care. PLU is not responsible for students’ personal injuries or illness that occur in class, lab, or clinical settings.