School of Nursing Learning Laboratories

The School of Nursing maintains a nursing skills lab, a simulation lab, and a health assessment lab.

Students are scheduled for specific laboratory times to practice those skills taught in the curriculum. Open laboratory times are also available for individual practice and study. Skill acquisition requires hands-on practice and students are expected to use these times to achieve skill competency.
Additionally, some lab supplies may be checked out to students for use related to a nursing course. To check out models or supplies, students will need to contact the lab coordinator. Information about courses, events, open labs, and coordinator contact information is available on the PLU SoN webpage under the Lab Operations and Simulation Operations tabs.

Food and drinks are not allowed in any of the laboratories. When practicing in the skills lab and simulation lab it is expected all students will adhere to the SoN Clinical Uniform policy. All students are encouraged to practice skills in the lab and simulation learning environment in accordance with the standards and guidelines for clinical practice. These strategies will promote learning in the psychomotor domain and have been proven effective in promoting competent clinical practice performance. When students are done working in the labs, be sure that tables, chairs, and beds are straightened and supplies and equipment are returned to their designated places for re-use or recycling and that all equipment is wiped down with approved antibacterial solutions.

Please be advised that a CLASC fee is charged each semester during the nursing program for purchase and maintenance of equipment, materials, supplies, computer materials, software as well as pay for standardized testing and clinical consortium fees. The fees are paid with tuition following registration for specific courses in a manner which ensures that only one fee is charged per semester.