Personnel Manual


The holiday schedule is announced annually by the Director of Human Resources. It is based upon the following policy. The total number of holidays will vary from one fiscal year to the next.

No. of Days
New Year's Day*
January 1 and usually one day after if it falls on a Thursday
1 or 2
Martin Luther King's Birthday
Third Monday in January
President's Day
Third Monday in February
Good Friday
Friday before Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Last Monday in May
Independence Day*
July 4
Labor Day
First Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day
Fourth Thursday and Friday in November
Christmas Recess*
December 25 through December 31
5 or 6

*When New Year's Day, Christmas Day or Independence Day falls on a Saturday, the university observes Friday as the holiday. When they fall on a Sunday, Monday will be the holiday.

Employees in a with benefits status who are leaving employment with the university must work at least one day after a holiday to receive holiday pay. For example: an employee who resigns during December will not be paid for the Christmas Recess holiday period unless he or she actively works at least one day in January.

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