Recognition of Employees

Anniversary Recognition

Revised October 2009

In appreciation for their long-term service, faculty and staff of the university who are regularly employed in a with benefits status (.5 FTE or more) will receive special recognition during major anniversary years: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and more.

Anniversary awards (pins, certificates, gift cards as outlined below) are typically presented at the university’s annual Christmas Celebration. At that time, recognition and gifts are given to acknowledge and celebrate those with major anniversaries falling in the current fiscal year (i.e. June 1 through May 31 of that particular year).


PLU pins are distributed at the Christmas Celebration in the colors corresponding with years of service as noted below:

AnniversaryPin Color
10Light Blue
15Light Green
30Dark Blue
35Dark Green

Certificate of Appreciation

At the annual Christmas Celebration each honoree will receive a certificate of appreciation signed by the President for their dedication and length of service.

Gift Card

Honorees will receive a $50 gift card, regardless of the anniversary being celebrated. The gift card may be used to purchase a gift item(s) through the university’s bookstore.

Distinguished Staff Awards Program

Updated January 2011, April 2015


The Distinguished Staff Awards Program is designed to recognize outstanding contributions made by employees through their accomplishments, leadership, and service to the university and its community members. The awards are generally presented to up to five Pacific Lutheran University staff employees each year. Award recipients receive a $750 honorarium and special recognition at the university’s annual Christmas Celebration.


All part-time and full-time staff with a minimum of one year of continuous and satisfactory service at Pacific Lutheran University in a regular, with benefits position below the level of President’s Council and salary grade A24 are eligible for nomination.

Award Criteria

Award recipients will be selected for the following kinds of contributions:

  • Contributing to outstanding and sustained improvements in customer service to faculty, staff, students, alumni and other constituents.
  • Significantly improving or enhancing the quality of work and/or campus life in ways that make a substantial difference for colleagues and constituents.
  • Promoting interdepartmental teamwork, enhancing communication, and inspiring commitment and productivity.
  • Developing creative solutions to problems that result in significantly more effective, efficient university operations and which may also result in cost savings to the university.

Nomination Process

Each fall, Human Resources will distribute the announcement on campus. Nomination forms are available in Human Resources and on that office’s web site under “Documents & Forms.” Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, students, co-workers, former colleagues, or others who have benefited from the employee’s service. Supporting documentation or letters may be attached to the nomination form, which should cite specific examples of the kinds of contributions the nominee has made. Completed nomination forms must be returned to Human Resources by the due date established each year. Employees may be nominated more than once, but may only be selected to receive an award once in a three-year period.

Selection Process

All nominations will be kept confidential during the selection process. Human Resources will screen nominations to ensure that the basic requirements have been met regarding length of service and satisfactory performance. Following that initial review, Human Resources will work with a committee including representatives of Staff Council and others to thoughtfully evaluate the nominations in light of the program purposes. The committee will then forward the names of up to five (generally) proposed award recipients to President’s Council for final consideration and endorsement. President’s Council makes the final selection.

Rose Window Society

The Rose Window Society is comprised of those faculty and staff still actively working who have achieved their 20-year anniversaries, and all early, phased, and regular retirees who have served PLU for 20 years or more. The university honors current university retirees and welcomes new Rose Window inductees at the annual Christmas Celebration.