Personal Safety

PLU is concerned about the safety of its employees. Following are some tips that will increase your awareness of precautions to take:

  • Call Campus Safety Emergency ext. 7911 immediately if you hear or see anything suspicious.
  • Call ext. 7441 for a Campus Safety escort to your car, or to another building.
  • Use the buddy system. At night call Campus Safety so that they may check on your welfare as they patrol.
  • When possible, lock your office door whenever you leave.
  • Lock doors and windows when working at night. Secure everything before leaving.
  • Don’t leave keys, records, cash, checks, purses, or personal valuables even momentarily.
  • Stay alert for the unexpected.
  • Avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Act with common sense.
  • Walk confidently. Don’t look like a victim.

Additional materials on personal security are available without cost at the Campus Safety and Information Office.

If you observe illegal or dangerous behavior or activities, please report it Campus Safety in a timely manner, so it it can be investigated and resolved.