Continuous Service

Revised October 2009

Many of the benefits of employment are determined at least in part by an employee’s length of service. Therefore, the computation of “continuous service” must be accomplished in a fair, consistent, and impartial manner.

Continuous service begins with a person’s date of employment in a benefits eligible position and is not broken by leaves of absence so long as an employee returns to work before the expiration of such leaves. Continuous service is also not broken by entry into military service so long as the employee exercises his or her return rights and all conditions established by the U.S. Department of Labor regarding such return are met.

Continuous service under this policy is broken in the event of:

  1. Involuntary termination;
  2. Voluntary termination if not re-employed within one year of termination date;
  3. Remaining in a state of layoff for a period of one year.

Employees who are rehired by the university in a benefits eligible position within one year (365 days or less) following voluntary termination or layoff will receive credit for their prior benefits eligible service for service awards.

Some of the university’s benefit plans have different definitions relative to a break in service, and such definition will apply to those benefit plans. Please contact Human Resources if you have a specific question about a possible break in service.