Employment Procedures

Authority to fill a vacant or newly created position is obtained by completing a Position Request form and routing it through the appropriate budget head, dean or director, vice president(s), President’s Council and Human Resources. Human Resources will assure that the position has been properly classified and will establish the hiring salary range.

Job Vacancy announcements are prepared for all positions in which applications will be accepted. Essential duties of the job will be clearly identified along with required and preferred job qualifications.

Generally staff positions are posted on the PLU website. Positions may be advertised in a variety of other ways depending on the type of position.

Appropriate advertising and mailing lists are used to solicit applications. To develop diverse applicant pools, recruiting procedures are reviewed for consistency with the university’s Affirmative Action Plan.

Positions are sometimes advertised internally first for current university employees to afford them the opportunity to be considered for advancement or transfer. If on-campus efforts are unsuccessful, the position may be opened to all applicants. Positions may, however, be directly opened to all applicants.

For most staff positions, applications are pre-screened by Human Resources using specific criteria provided by the hiring department. The hiring department may interview as many applicants as desired. The salary offered to the finalist will be determined by Human Resources with input from the hiring department. Employment offers will typically be made by the hiring manager, and HR will confirm the starting date and salary in writing with the selected applicant.