General Safety

Concern for safety is essential. All employees should be careful in their work habits to avoid injury on the job and should be especially cautious to watch their footing on walks and in hallways during bad weather.

To prevent injury, several general rules should be followed:

  • Keep floors clear of debris and liquids.
  • Maintain floor coverings in good condition to avoid tripping hazards caused by loose tile and frayed carpet edging.
  • Keep designated walkways and doorways clear and free of electrical cords, boxes and office equipment at all times.
  • When using file cabinets, only open one file drawer at a time.
  • Use proper step stools or ladders – not chairs – when climbing to reach high items.

The University Safety Committee, which includes electees and appointees from the administration, faculty, and staff meets once a month. Suggestions to improve safety procedures should be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety. Liability insurance for the university is handled by the Administrative Services Office.

Each new employee is given a copy of the university’s Introduction to Health and Safety, and the Emergency Procedures Handbook. Additional copies are available in Human Resources or Environmental Health and Safety.